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   Amy Baird has been in the quilting industry for 23 years.  She began her journey in 1990 when her mother introduced her to the idea and told her to just follow the instructions!  And, with that, she created her very first Log Cabin Quilt and so the addiction began.  Since then, Amy has given away dozens of quilts to friends and family over the years, as well as winning several ribbons along the way!  A few years ago, she decided to make the career move and started working and teaching at the local quilt shop, and she began to design and make custom quilts.  Over the years, she has had many non-quilting customers request quilts made from the clothing and t-shirts of loved ones.  With this, Amy has started to create and design custom memory quilts and pillows locally using everything from t-shirts and baby clothing to christening gowns and even a varsity cheerleading jacket and she is excited to share her talents with you!


   Nena Piner has been in the quilting industry 15 years.  She began her journey in the 90's with a few blocks, but nothing finished until about 5 years ago after joining a local quilting qroup in VA.  Then, about 2 years ago, with some encouragement from family and friends, she entered a quilt by the name of "Turtle Bay" into the local county fair.  Although she was both excited and scared, it turned out the judges agreed with the opinions of her family and friends, and Nena won her very first Blue Ribbon!  And since then, she has created over 25 quilts, and her love for quilting continues to grow with each quilt she designs.  Nena has just recently become fascinated with the modern quilt design and can't wait to create your masterpiece!

Getting to know OUS owners, Amy & Nena...

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