Our Latest Designs


Here are a few of our latest creations along with the inspirations behind them!  For more pictures of these and other custom quilts, visit our Facebook page!  Enjoy!

The Concert T-Shirt Quilt

"I've been going to concerts since I was 2 years old!  Over the years, I began to collect t-shirts, just as any other concert-goer would.  I always knew that I would one day want to do something extra special to preserve the memory of them and a quilt was a perfect idea!  Now I have an entire quilt full of some of the most favorite memories of my life!"


Allyson Brake, OUS Customer

The Family Memory Quilts

"I received my four quilts today and they are amazing!  The detailing, stitching, and obvious love for what you do has given my grandchildren a precious keepsake.  The quilt made for my granddaughter is a one of a kid, connecting her with her great grandmothers, grandmother, mother, and aunt.  Thank you so very much!"


Cindy Frierdich, OUS Customer

The NSA T-Shirt Quilt

"I just wanted to thank you for doing such a beautiful job with the quilt.  My son absolutely loves it!  He just couldn't believe that I had kept all of those t-shirts!  What a special gift I was able to give him, thanks to your handywork and great talent."


Sharon Peelen, OUS Customer

 The Virginia Beach T-Shirt Quilt

"My father has always kept EVERYTHING.  While cleaning out the attic this past year, my mother found a box of old Virginia Beach t-shirts.  Most of them came from old businesses that had lined the beach front and many of them are no longer in operation.  My father didn't want to get rid of them, but they were all over worn and unwearable.  We didn't know what to do!  After speaking with OUS, we handed over the box of old t-shirts and a few weeks later received a beautiful lap quilt!  We gave it to Dad for Christmas and he LOVED it!  OUS did a fantastic job and the entire family couldn't be more thrilled.  They even made a matching pillow out of the pockets, so clever!  Thank you for turning a box of old t-shirts into a warm and wonderful memory quilt!"


Constance Georghiou, OUS Customer

 Mom's Apron Quilt

"When my mother passed away in 2007, I packed all of her smocks away.  I didn't have any idea what I would do with them, but I knew I did not want to let them go.  Last year, I turned them into a memory quilt after I came across the picture of her wearing one of the smocks.  The quilt is a treasure that keeps her memory alive for me."


Nena Piner, OUS Owner

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